Nire Valley Picnic Run – Sunday 27th September 2020

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Patrick Dwyer let it be known among Cairde an Seacht Bheag or translated from Irish Frirnds of the little Austin Seven that he was taking advantage of a lovely sunny autumn Sunday and was going for a picnic spin where the lunchtime stop was at the crest of the Nire Valley overlooking in the greater distance Clonmel, Co. Tipperary and it’s environs.

Situated across the street from one of Ireland’s best known tourist attractions, Cahir Castle, The River House Restaurant & Café Bar is a stylish, friendly and relaxing setting, serving a variety of food & drink to suit all tastes. The River House is surely one of the most beautiful restaurants in Tipperary offering some of the best food in Tipperary. Some of us can testify that hot apple tart and cream with fresh coffee at 11:00 am cannot be beaten.

The Nire Valley is located in the heart of the Comeragh mountains in Co. Waterford. It is known for its picturesque location full of charming woodland, breathtaking mountain scenery and a stunning river. It is a picture perfect drive packed with beauty around every corner. Start wherever you wish; we traveled from Cahir via Ardfinnan and Newcastle to arrive at Ballymacarbry village. As we entered the village we took a left turn which took us to the Nire Valley. By the way it is a walking wonderland for people and makes for both a specatualar walk or a drive like us. As we drove through the mountains, we were met with spectacular scenery, breathtaking views and we even meet a few of the local sheep along the way.

Our picnic stop was at a viewing lay-by with ample and safe parking for our group of seven pre war vehicles in tip top condition all of which reached the agreed spot without a murmur. Honouring the social restrictions and safe distances between ourselves with picnic baskets to the ready we all partook in a delightful Sunday meal in glorious sunshine and fresh warm air with an added bonus of a glorious vista that can only be admired for its beauty.

As we were about to continue on with our journey, a cavalcade of tractors, large and small, descended on us where mutual glances of admiration were shared. To be fair to our tractor friends, their equipment was well turned out, and their presence did add a further sense of excitement. Wonderful to see the younger folk taking an interest in things old and not so old, preserving our heritage and having lots of fun with like minded friends and colleagues.

Our return journey took us around the outskirts of Clonmel And very soon afterwards we vetted off the main roads and back to the country lanes and boeeens via Knocklong and Grange. It was an Autumn day where overnight there was a hard frost but luckily the greenery of the trees and surrounding vista was magnificent in all respects. A blue sky will always make the landscape attractive and so it was with us.

We returned to base, Cahir Marts, where we were generously offered ample and safe parking facilities for our trailers. In quick time we were all loaded up. Farewell exchanges and a hope to meet soon again was the concluding talk among our group.

It truly was a good outing. No breakdowns, everything working to plan, safe & enjoyable. Patrick Dwyer’s knowledge of rural Ireland and its beauty spots is vast and his generosity in sharing for our enjoyment with our little Sevens is much appreciated by all.

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