The Austin Seven Racers Lament

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Psalm 747 or The Austin Seven Racers Lament

An Austin is my racer, I shall not want another.
It maketh me lie down in wet paddocks.
She dispareth my soul
and leadeth me into financial disaster.
She leadeth me into the paths of ridicule for her names sake
and prepareth a breakdown for me in the presence of mine competitors.
Yea, though in practice it runs- in the race it misfires.
I fear much evil when it is with me.
Its rods break and its lack of brakes discomfort me.
It anointest my face with oil
Its sump runneth over me.
Surely to goodness the damn thing won’t be with me all the days of my life
or I shall dwell in the house of the insane for ever.

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A one marque organisation, catering for the Austin Seven, is what makes The Irish Austin Seven Club unique. Prospective owners are always welcome to make contact with our membership who will be pleased to present and demonstrate the Seven’s special characteristics and driving experience.

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